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Welcoming the Tiger

The Animal Zodiac and What it Means For You in 2022 2022 heralds the arrival of the year of the tiger. As each year-end nears in Japan, you begin to
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Want Stronger Bones? Do Yoga!

Feeling great is reason enough to do yoga, but happily this activity also comes with myriad proven health benefits.1 One of these is bone health. Yoga poses strengthen muscles. This
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Want Strong Bones? Do Yoga

A Pose Series Proven to Increase Bone Density Feeling great is reason enough to do yoga, but happily this activity also comes with myriad health benefits.1 One of these is
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The Only Meditation Proven to Increase Happiness!

Love Yourself Happy! Loving Kindness Meditation is an absolute must-have addition to all the Valentines Day chatter about cards, chocolate and candle light dinners. As yogis, this meditation practice is
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Five Reasons to Study Yoga Nidra

Twenty five years ago as an undergrad in an Altered States of Consciousness course I watched in fascination as my lab partner swatted an imaginary fly from the hypnosis script
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Eating Tumeric for Medicinal Benefits? Don’t Forget The Pepper!

This Golden Powerhouse of Healing Needs a Little Help From a Friend. Since ancient times, the Indian science of ayurveda has used turmeric for a multitude of healing purposes. Its
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A New Year’s Chocolate Re(solution)

The Solution to Mastering your New Year’s Intention? Make it This Easy! This year I have decided to eat more chocolate. Well actually not more. Anyone who knows me, also
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3 Sure Fire Yogic Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Tis the season for some Tapas. And no I don’t mean the appetizers that we have all probably had a few too many of over the holidays. In yoga philosophy
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Too Old, Heavy, Stiff for Yoga? No Way!

Is the Western perception of yoga a barrier for some? The picture to the right is my beautiful mom, Marilyn, whom I called from Tokyo 20 years ago, and asked
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