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Shakti Yoga & Wellness offers hatha and prenatal yoga classes, corporate yoga classes, yoga teacher trainings, workshops and private sessions. Bobby is a St. John’s, NL, Canada based instructor who instructs trainings and workshops locally and internationally. She is director of the 200 hour Shakti Yoga Teacher Training  program in St. John’s, as well as the creator and director of the Shakti Yoga Prenatal Teacher Training program. All Shakti Yoga Method trainings and workshops are registered with Yoga Alliance. Contact Bobby at if you would like to host a training in your area.

Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga Mixed Level

A yoga class to develop strength, flexibility and calm for every body-type, age and experience level. Beginner students are welcome in this class. No experience required. As the session progresses we build toward connecting postures into gentle flowing sequences. Everyone participates in a way that best suits their own body and experience level. Stretch, strengthen, breathe deeply and finish class with a short relaxation that will have you ready for the most restful sleep ever.

Prenatal Yoga

Shakti Prenatal Yoga Classes carefully incorporate asana movements that enhance comfort during pregnancy, and prepare for easier, more enjoyable births. The addition of birth education topics, breathing techniques, and guided meditations compliment yoga asana, and enhance the overall effectiveness of this program. This program was developed using Bobby’s hands-on observation of the skills, and birth preparation techniques most effective in helping her birth doula clients intuitively and joyfully birth their babies.

Neurogenic Yoga

Neurogenic Yoga is a technique to heal trauma and reduce stress. It combines yoga with the body’s body’s natural therapeutic shaking response. Class begins with a 30 minute series of movements. Modifications are offered to ensure this portion is suitable for all. Absolutely no yoga experience or ability is needed. Class finishes with a lying posture that safely introduces neurogenic tremoring to release physical and emotional stress and tension.

Prenatal Couples Yoga

Bring Dad, Mom, Nana, or Close friend to you and your growing baby to this lighthearted prenatal couples class. Choose someone you are comfortable touching and being in close proximity with. This class is suitable for all experience levels and body types. Even absolute beginners will be able to enjoy this bonding class of gentle stretches, strengthening movements, breath focus and relaxation. This is an evening of family wellness and connection. Go home feeling stronger, calmer and more in touch with your growing family circle.

Mom & Baby Yoga

A class for Moms and parents to spend time with their new baby while reconnecting with self. Classes gently strengthen, tone and calm the postpartum body and mind. Each class strengthens and opens areas that need attention postnatally. Short pose series are also taught so moms can incorporate yoga movements into five minute practices throughout their busy new-mommy days. This class is a supportive environment to exchange experiences with new moms and introduce your baby to new friends.


Couples Birth Preparation Workshop

Partners learn mutual support techniques to enhance prenatal, birthing, and postnatal experiences. This workshop presents education topics, birth videos, and practical labour support techniques. This is a bonding workshop for moms, dads & birth supports to build skills, confidence, and enhance the connections of your growing family. Both parents, and birth supports will go home feeling confident and empowered as birthing day approaches!

Neurogenic Yoga 1-Day Workshop

The psoas and other muscles involved in nervous system activation, can hold tension and trauma long after a stressor or trauma has ended. Neurogenic yoga is a revolutionary technique that awakens the body’s instinctive tremoring response to restore wholeness after stressful and traumatic events.This is a one day workshop of deep personal exploration. Learn how the nervous system and body tissue can hold anxiety, practice tension and trauma release techniques, and enjoy a day of deep relaxation that will include lecture, neurogenic yoga practices, breathing techniques, and guided relaxation.

Breathe For Wellness Workshop

Pranayama (Yoga Breathing Techniques) impact on every system in the physical, as well as mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. This three hour workshop presents the newest science perspectives on the ancient practices of pranayama. Workshop will utilize asana and pranayama techniques to internalize the impact of these powerful breathing methods. Breathing poorly can result in, or exacerbate, various immune and cardiac dysfunction, as well as common issues such as snoring, sleep apnea, post-covid/virus symptoms, and sinus complaints, to name a few. The great news is that just as we can breathe ourselves into illness, we can also breathe our way out.

Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

We are proud to be Newfoundland’s first Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training program. Shakti Yoga Method has been graduating confident, skilled, and inspirational yoga instructors for over a decade. Program structure is one weekend per month with summers off. In-person, online, or hybrid participation options available. Experienced instructors from varied yoga traditions and styles create a rich and supportive learning environment. Appropriate for yoga lovers of any age and body type.

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

The Shakti Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training program is designed to train teachers to confidently and skillfully weave asana, pranayama, meditation, visualization, and birth education into fun and effective prenatal yoga classes. This proven method prepares mothers and birthing parents for comfortable pregnancies, easier births, and faster postnatal recovery. A beautiful balance of anatomy, physiology, and yoga energetics is presented. A comprehensive manual, class outlines, prenatal yoga nidra scripts, MP3s, and more included. Yoga Alliance certified for RPYT status.

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

The Shakti Yoga Nidra Teacher Training explores the powerful yoga tradition of inducing a state of deep relaxation to destress, release fears, and even evolve spiritually. Whether you are a yoga teacher, therapist, or simply looking for deep personal relaxation this training workshop is for you. Yoga nidra is the most accessible practice in yoga, indeed it can even be practiced while lying in bed. It is effective for children and adults. Absolutely no yoga experience or background is required to benefit from this session. Includes a comprehensive manual, yoga nidra scripts for class usage, and MP3 downloads for personal practice.

Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training

A four day teacher training workshop to aid yoga teachers in incorporating ayurveda into their yoga asana classes, and to provide the tools needed for anyone to bring the healing practice of Ayurveda into their daily lives. Learn the basis of Ayurvedic theory, how to support and heal dosha imbalance through the use of yoga asana, pranayama, herbs, teas, and other healing modalities. Comprehensive manual, sample classes, and recipes included.


  • I’m positive that the hypnobirthing classes we took with Bobby Bessey helped so much. I found the breathing techniques were amazing. I even fell asleep a few times in transition. Ha ha. One of our nurses, Lisa, came to visit Miranda and I the next day up on the 4th floor to see how we were doing. She joked that the night shift were calling me Xena Warrior Princess because I was such a champ during labour. I can’t help but brag about that a little.

    Virginia Middleton, Matt, & Baby Miranda
    February 2014
  • Bobby gave me the greatest gifts during my pregnancy and birthing experience. She took my exhaustion, pain, tears and worry and gave me strength, hope, affection and a positive calm atmosphere through all of it. Having a doula made it possible to believe in myself and for Kyle to just be there beside me supporting me. My memories of birth are of a man on one side of me telling me how much he loves me and a woman on the other side giving me the breath to say it back to him. xo

    Megan Morrison
    September 2013
  • Involving Bobby in our birth was a great decision and we are grateful to her for her meaningful assistance and the knowledge she imparted to us throughout the labour period and beyond. If we have another child we will definitely ask Bobby for her assistance again.

    Heather MacDonald, Lorne Sulsky & Ronan
    August 2013
  • I just wanted to write you to tell you how much I enjoyed the Prenatal yoga class last night. I slept better last night than I did in weeks and I felt great after the class. I’m so glad I signed up!