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Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training

Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training


    2024 Dates TBA. Contact for inquires.


    St. John’s, NL. In-person at Yoga Kula Cooperative, 286 Torbay Road. Live stream option also available.


    $590+hst ($678.50)


    Four days of lecture, Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Marma massage, Practicum, Ayurvedic food and lifestyle choices. Tea and snack breaks provide instruction on using healing spices, herbs, and foods to promote healing.

    Contact to be notified of the next scheduled session.


    Shakti Yoga teacher trainings and workshops are taught in various locations within Canada, and internationally. Host this workshop in your area and save the cost of travelling to learn. Contact to discuss specific details on hosting this or other workshops and trainings.

Who’s This Program For?

  • Yoga Practitioners who want to add the healing benefits of ayurveda to their lifestyles.

  • Teachers of yoga who want to learn how to use ayurveda to enhance to impact of their class instruction.

  • Anyone in healthcare or education with a desire to compliment their professional work with the vast wisdom of ayurveda, and pass on the benefits of this ancient practice to their clients, patients or students.

  • Anyone interested in understanding ayurveda, and learning how to use these ancient practices and remedies to enhance the wellness of themselves and their families.

About The Program

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest holistic healing system. It is commonly referred to as yoga’s sister science. This is logical as both philosophies view our body, our senses, and the world we live in, as manifestations of the foundational fabric of the universe. Ayurveda teaches how to perceive, and manipulate these basic cosmic energies to maintain and restore wellness. When used in combination with yoga practices, ayurvedic insights empower instructors to develop classes that are more robust and intuitive. Teachers are able to tune in to a classes’ specific needs by utilizing knowledge of natural cycles, and the ever-changing impact of environment on well-being.

Despite the enormous potential benefits of merging these two sciences, bringing the wisdom of ayurveda into a yoga asana class remains elusive for many yoga teachers, and ayurvedic practioners alike.

This four day teacher training program introduces the underlying basis of ayurvedic theory, and how it can be practically incorporated into a yoga asana class for a more effective overall wellness impact. The detailed and robust understanding of the gunas (fundamental energies that make up the universe) provided in this training lay the ground work for effectively utilizing dosha assessments, understanding the ever shifting individual & group needs of a class, and choosing asana, pranayama, meditation, and mudra, choices through the lens of ayurvedic teachings.

Curriculum Includes:

  • Orientation to ayurveda philosophy and origins.

  • Ayurvedic perspectives on disease and healing.
  • How to design a yoga class sequence to balance each dosha (vata, pitta, kapha)
  • Specific asana for each type of dosha imbalance.
  • Incorporating time of day, seasons and other cycles into class design.
  • Pranayama for dosha balance.
  • Mantra and mudra for dosha balance.
  • Extensive study of the gunas, and how to utilize them in a yoga class.
  • Doshas, constitution quizzes and applications.
  • Subtle body topics such as vayus and chakras and their ayurvedic yoga applications.
  • Ayurvedic Diet and lifestyle. We will study how to make ghee, kitchari, and various dosha balancing and healing teas.
  • Use of singing bowl sounds for chakra and dosha balance.
  • Basic marma points that can be utilized in a yoga class to balance doshas.
  • Techniques for incorporating peripheral ayurvedic practices, such as aromatherapy and gem stones, into private and group asana classes to enhance yoga pose impact.

Program Requirements


Applicants should:

  • No prior yoga or ayurveda knowledge required. Must be interested in yoga asana, lifestyle, and ayurvedic approaches to wellness. Contact to find out how this program can be used to enhance your life.


Graduates will receive a certificate showing they have successfully completed the 40hr Shakti Yoga Method Ayurvedic Teacher Training. Applicable for Yoga Alliance CEUs.

Certification Requirements include:

  • Attend ALL training session hours


BOBBY BESSEY, B.Sc., RYT 500, RPYT, CD (DONA), HBCE (HypnoBirthing Educator)

Bobby has been a teacher and student of yoga for more than two decades. She has studied in numerous yoga traditions within Canada, and has spent extended periods of time studying yoga in both India and Japan. Her love of the powerful spiritual energy of India continues to call her back regularly to deepen her practice.

It is in India, the birth place of yoga, that Bobby also studies the traditional medicinal practices of ayurveda. She combines these sister sciences in her teachings to create classes that promote wellness in mind, body and soul.

Bobby is the creator, director and lead instructor of the Shakti Yoga Method 200 hour yoga teacher training. Her 85hr Shakti Prenatal Yoga YTT, 40 hour Ayurvedic YTT, 100 hour Yin Yoga TT, and Yoga Nidra YTT are in demand both locally and internationally. While she does carve out time each year to instruct trainings outside Canada, her hatha, yin, prenatal, postnatal classes, yoga workshops, and birth preparation sessions are held throughout the year in St. John’s, Canada.