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Neurogenic TRE

Shakti hatha yoga classes combine modern and traditional approaches to create fit bodies, minds and lifestyles. Each class is a supportive and non-competitive setting. Students can chose pose variations that best suit their bodies and experience levels as they move with awareness. Join a group class or take advantage of the personalized direction that a private session provides.

Neurogenic Yoga

Neurogenic Yoga is a technique to heal trauma and reduce stress. It combines yoga with the body’s body’s natural therapeutic shaking response. Class begins with a 30 minute series of movements. Modifications are offered to ensure this portion is suitable for all. Absolutely no yoga experience or ability is needed. Class finishes with a lying posture that safely introduces neurogenic tremoring to release physical and emotional stress and tension.

Private Sessions

Private yoga sessions are an opportunity to participate in a yoga class that is tailored to fit your needs. If you have a specific condition or goal that you would like to work on, questions about your regular practice that you would like to clarify, or if you would like to get an overview of the basic poses before joining a regular class then this might be an option for you.