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J. Keyte

Thanks so much for the excellent weekend. You are truly an outstanding teacher. I love how you interweave the classic yoga teachings with neuropsychology, philosophy, Japanese Buddhist teachings, and anatomy.

Eleanor Power

I practiced one of the scripts on my partner last night and plan to use it with my yoga students tonight. I am so excited to share this with others and to apply to my own practice. We packed a lot into two days! Bobby is a wealth of knowledge and ideas.

Tracy Mills

The detail surrounding the biological, psychological background of the practice as well as the material and practices were helpful. I now feel more comfortable with the language and inspired to be more creative. Your passion and excitement for the practice was also inspiring.

Megan Humphry

It was a blissful weekend. I have heard so many wonderful things about this training and a couple friends told me that even if I never teach a single minute of Yoga Nidra, the weekend is a delicious treat you can give yourself – they were not wrong.

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