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Carol T- Hatha

My tests have shown that my bone density has increased at an amazing rate since I started yoga. I don’t know if it is a coincidence but my results have moved from osteopenia to normal in my hip, and from osteoporosis to ‎osteopenic in my spine. I have had 4 bone density scans in my life and this recent improvement was considered drastic!  My doctor described my results as stark improvement!

Suzanne Mulowney – Hatha

I have been practicing yoga for over ten years and and find Bobby’s classes such a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to my yoga practice. Her calming yet encouraging voice brings me into the space mentally. I love that she can provide a number of alternate versions of a pose allowing me to find the best one that my body needs at that time.

Kim Todd – Hatha

In each Hatha class, Bobby’s depth of knowledge and teaching style take me to a new place I haven’t been before.  It’s a beautiful blend of thought, physical challenge and ease.  I find myself looking forward to Tuesday night classes, and I find each week makes me more willing to explore and accept what comes in the day to day life.  Highly recommend!

Virginia Middleton – Hypnobirthing

I’m positive that the hypnobirthing classes we took with Bobby Bessey helped so much. I found the breathing techniques were amazing. I even fell asleep a few times in transition. Ha ha. One of our nurses, Lisa, came to visit Miranda and I the next day up on the 4th floor to see how we were doing. She joked that the night shift were calling me Xena Warrior Princess because I was such a champ during labour. I can’t help but brag about that a little.

Megan Morrison – Doula

Bobby gave me the greatest gifts during my pregnancy and birthing experience. She took my exhaustion, pain, tears and worry and gave me strength, hope, affection and a positive calm atmosphere through all of it. Having a doula made it possible to believe in myself and for Kyle to just be there beside me supporting me. My memories of birth are of a man on one side of me telling me how much he loves me and a woman on the other side giving me the breath to say it back to him. xo

Jennifer Dove

Having bobby with us made a world of difference, she kept me calm through the entire process from pre- labour discussions and meetings right up to post labour discussions. The most valuable part of having Bobby as my Doula was the overwhelming sense of support and positive energy she provided during my labour, she was the constant amongst all the different staff at the hospital and the numerous procedures, she was there for me – just me and it was a wonderful feeling! I wish all birthing mothers had a Doula like her and I hope that Doulas become more and more respected by the medical profession and seen for the positive impact they have on the birthing mother!

Cara Cameron

If it were not for my doula Bobby, I think my husband would have had a heart attack. He raves about doulas now and our experience with her!
Bobby was great and made my labour and my child’s birth exceptional. I honestly would have had an entirely different experience without her and one that I don’t think I would have 100% raved about. Furthermore, as I noted above, my husband really loved having a doula as he felt much more comfortable knowing that there was someone outside of the nurses and doctors supporting me through labour and him for that matter. We tell all of our friends they need a doula as our experience was pretty stellar.

Laura-Marie Smith – PYTT

This absolutely met my expectations and beyond; I definitely feel prepared to teach (though a little nervous about creating nidras) and am excited to share what I’ve learned. This may not be common feedback but, the most beneficial part of this program was being able to do it at my own pace from home. Pregnancy and birth is related to a very triggering topic and I don’t think that I would have been able to finish the course in person, but having the recordings and being able to pause and take breaks when I needed to is what made the difference in me completing this course and not.

Tara Cornick – PYTT

Yes! This training exceeded my expectations. I practiced prenatal yoga when I was expecting but it did not include all the birth education. I think that would have been life changing for me. I want to combine birth education with yoga and this training was more than I thought I would get (but I shouldn’t be surprised since I did the 200 hr TT and know what positive intentions and knowledge you have!!). I feel prepared but need to get more practice to get into the groove.

The most beneficial parts: doing the class as a participant; seeing the resources you use (posters, pelvis
models, diagrams); having the training manual; discussion