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45 Minute Classes

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Short Series – 45 Minute Videos

These 45 minute classes are designed to fit into your lunchtime hour, before work, or any other time a quick full body & mind reset is needed. They are filmed with a short 2-3 minute savasana (final relaxation) allowing you to move quickly back into your day when busy. On slower days you could stay for 5-10 minutes after the end for a deeper integration of your class.

Boat Pose Core Crunch 45m

Chakra Series Core & Sacrum 45m

Chakra Series Muladhara 45min

Dancer Pose 45m

Chakra Series Anahata Back Bends 45m

Chakra Series Ajna 45m

Chakra Series Manipura Core and Twists 45m

Core Flow Plank Party 45m

Tone & Lengthen 45m

Softening Shoulders to Deepen Tone and Flexibility 45m

Full Body Chakra Flow 45m

Hips, Core, Upper Body, Ashta Vakrasana 45m

Breath & Butt Reset Jan 10 2022

Core Flow

Creative Core Flow 45m

Face and Posture Yoga for Emotional Balance 45m

Gliding Joint Flow 45m

Low Back Reset 45m

Lunchtime Prana Vayu Chest & Back

Lunchtime Stabilizing the Foundation Leg Focus

Lunchtime Udana Vayu Neck & Shoulders

Lunchtime Vyana Vayu Circulation

Lunchtime Yoga Awakening the Back Line TRE Style

Lunchtime Yoga Balance Awareness

Opening the Front Line to Camel Pose 45m

Opening the Front Line to Camel Pose 45m

Strength & Balance Life Lessons of the Half Moon 45m

Psoas Release Party 45m

Back and Core 45m

Chest Openers 45m

Arm Focus Brio Cap 45m

Chakra Series Vishudda 45m

Endocrine 45m

Half Moon Bow Quads, Hammies, & Spine 45m

Happy Hippy Cow Pose Flow

Adding Joy to Movement Adductor Focus 45m

Mandala Circle Flow

Wring it out Twists 45m

Yoga For Dead Butt Syndrome 45m