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Birth Preparation Workshop

Birth Preparation for Expectant Parents

What Couples are Saying:
We really found a deep connection after our classes with you, I feel like for the first time my husband realized that he was going to be a big part of the day.
A Hynes
St. John’s
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22/11/2020 – 29/11/2020


Bookings are closed for this event.


About this Workshop

Each session will introduce  birth education topics, birth videos, and practical labour support techniques. This is a bonding workshop for moms, dads & birth supports to build skills, confidence, and enhance the connections of your growing family. Both parents, and birth supports will leave this workshop feeling confident and empowered as birthing day approaches!

This live-streamed session is interactive. As a result there is limited spacing. We will all be visible on the screen and questions and answers will be an important part of the session. Some example of topics are listed below.
  • Birth videos will be shown to illustrate various birthing positions and to fully prepare both parents for the birthing experience.
  • We will practice lots of hands-on birth support massage, touch, and cues for the birth partner to add to their birth partner tool box.
  • Rephrasing birth language. Ways to speak to a birthing momma that keeps her in para-sympathetic NS relaxation.
  • Birth Partners will get a thorough list of things they can do to support momma during birth. *Have them bring a notebook
  • Birth plan pros and cons, and things to consider adding (or leaving out).
  • Local hospital routines, including Covid-19 regulations, will be covered.
  • Things to put in your birthing bag.
  • Early birthing at home suggestions.
  • Post birth considerations.
  • Because this session is interactive the topics are also influenced by the questions asked as we move through.

About the Instructor

Bobby BesseyB.Sc., Birth Doula, HypnoBirthing Educator, Yoga Instructor, B.Sc., and Mother of two,  will guide moms-to-be and their birth partners through this beautiful birth preparation series. Moms learn breathing techniques and movements to enhance pregnancy comfort, and prepare body and the mind for blissful birthing. Birth partners (Dad, Mom, Sister, Grandma, etc) will learn massage and labour support skills to support mom throughout pregnancy and labour.