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Couples Birth Preparation

About this Workshop

BirthPrepYogaEach session will introduce  birth education topics, birth videos, and practical labour support techniques. This is a bonding workshop for moms, dads & birth supports to build skills, confidence, and enhance the connections of your growing family. Both parents, and birth supports will leave this workshop feeling confident and empowered as birthing day approaches!

  • Birth videos will be shown to illustrate various birthing positions to fully prepare both parents for the birthing experience.
  • Practicing hands-on birth support massage, touch, and cues for the birth partner to add to their birth partner tool box.
  • Exploring the Birth Partner role, what they need to watch for & how to respond to ensure birth moves along with maximum comfort.
  • Impact of language, specifically birth language, on Mom’s birthing body and mind. 
  • How to speak to a birthing momma to keeps her in para-sympathetic NS relaxation.
  • Birth Partners will get a thorough list of things they can do to support momma during birth. 
  • Birth plan pros and cons, and things to consider adding (or leaving out).
  • Local hospital routines
  • Things to put in your birthing bag.
  • Early birthing at home suggestions.
  • Post birth considerations.
  • Breastfeeding and schedule planning postnatally.
  • Because this session is interactive the topics are also influenced by the questions asked as we move through.
*While this workshop uses yoga inspired techniques and philosophy it is not a yoga class. We will not do any yoga poses. Bring a yoga mat to relax on comfortably during lecture, discussion and comfort measure practice time. 
* Live-stream & in-person options available. If live-streamed the session is interactive. There is limited spacing. All participants are visible on the screen and questions and answers will be an important part of the session. 

Why Do This Training?

Birth happens most comfortably and effectively when Mom feels safe in her birthing environment, and when she is supported by people who are in tune with her birthing needs. This training will help Mom and birth partner feel prepared and confident about their birthing and early postpartum period.

Birth partners often feel unsure of what role they will play in supporting Momma during her birthing time. Expectant mothers may feel apprehensive about their ability to birth with ease. This two part training covers techniques to practice together prenatally to enhance prenatal, birthing, and postnatal experiences. Mothers will leave confident in their ability to birth with maximum comfort and calm. Birth partners will leave empowered by the knowledge and skills provided to keep Mom birthing most effectively during the birthing time. 

What Couples are Saying
We really found a deep connection after our classes with you, I feel like for the first time my husband realized that he was going to be a big part of the day.
A. Hynes, St. John’s
Thanks once again for the amazing classes and all your wonderful information. I feel that your classes prepared me mentally and physically so well for how we ideally imagined things would go in labour and delivery – I feel so, so blessed. I plan to highly recommend your classes to any pregnant friends in the future as I really feel it was critical in preparing me for the amazing experience of childbirth. THANK YOU!
R. Ryan, St. John’s
Had a beautiful drug-free, natural labor with a first time Mom recently. What a wonderful experience! She spoke of you many times and said many of your phrases were running through her head during the labor. She was just “in the zone”.
Case Room Nurse, St. John’s
Thanks for all your help – we had a healthy baby girl this morning at 7:52am. The breathing and postures really helped – no medication and quick delivery!
D Braidwood, St. John’s

We had such a beautiful, positive birthing experience that I wanted to share this with you and thank you for offering such an amazing learning experience. I used the deep breathing and visualization techniques for each surge and it was so manageable and calm that I even surprised myself!

I was so calm that toward the end when I was feeling pressure and told the nurse that the baby was right there, she smiled, but I could tell she did not believe me, then during my next surge she looked and saw his head. One and a half little pushes later and my baby boy came into the world! I was so happy to have no medical interventions and everyone at the hospital was so respectful of our birth plan.

Pass along to your current and future birthing parents from me that birth is challenging but it can also be calm, peaceful at the same time.
N.P, St. John’s

I just wanted to say thank you for absolutely everything that I learned from you during the winter session. My baby girl was born very early this morning and very quickly! It only took about three hours from the time my water broke at home until she was delivered. 

In about an hour, I went from four centimeters to fully dilated (no epidural for me!). The nurses and doctors couldn’t believe how smoothly everything went on my first baby – especially naturally! But all during labor, I kept remembering things that you said during all the classes and especially during the relaxation portion of each class. I controlled my breath (after a few panicked attempts!) and just went with the flow and fully trusted my body. I relaxed with the contractions and she glided out so effortlessly in the perfect birthing position. The doctors thought that I had a birth plan because I took total control over when I would push and the strength I would use, but I didn’t! My “birth plan” was to repeat over and over in my head everything I learned from you and to reassure my nervous system that everything really was okay and my body does know how to give birth.<br >
It was such a wonderful experience and I can’t thank you enough! I’ll definitely see you next time, Bobby! Thank you again 
P Whittle, St. John’s

I wanted to thank you for all the encouraging words and information in our class. I used the deep breathing to get through the sensations and contractions and it really helped. My husband was very impressed on how focused I was at breathing through the contractions. I really feel the class helped me get through the experience. Thank you for that. 
M Fitzpatrick, St. John’s

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22/11/2020 – 29/11/2020

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About the Instructor

Bobby Bessey, B.Sc., E-RYT 500, RPYT, Doula CD(DONA), HBCE (HypnoBirthing Educator),  is the creator and director of Shakti Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training and co-director of Yoga Teacher Training Newfoundland & Labrador, both Yoga Alliance registered teacher trainings. The Shakti Prenatal Yoga Method is a proven method that Bobby now trains teachers to instruct worldwide. 

Bobby specializes in prenatal yoga classes and birth education. After years of yoga study and instruction Bobby became pregnant with her first son and immediately recognized the profound impact that a yoga practice can have on prenatal health and well-being. In addition to over a decade of instructing prenatal and postnatal yoga classes, Bobby is a birth doula, HypnoBirthing instructor, registered prenatal yoga instructor (RYPT), and a mother of two. Bobby  draws on a background of yoga instruction, birth support, and hypnosis-based birth education to create a birth preparation workshop that provides participants with a multi-faceted approach to supporting mothers-to-be. She enjoys combining her love of anatomy and physiology with the spiritual aspects of pregnancy and birth for an informational and balanced prenatal perspective. Her passion for making pregnancy and birth the enjoyable and sacred experience it is meant to be is conveyed in her joyous approach to teaching prenatal, birth and motherhood related classes.